Welcome to the Urban Studies Program

The city is among the most fundamental of human institutions. Throughout history, cities have been sites of innovation in economic, political and cultural life. They have been centres of trade, seats of empire, and the locale of scientific, social, and artistic creativity.

Cities not only continue in these roles today, but with over three billion people, or half of the global population now living in cities and megaurban regions, cities have become key sites in understanding contemporary social life.

Often, as is the case in many Canadian cities, these urban regions are marked by significant social and cultural complexities. These include striking contrasts of wealth and poverty, as well as a challenging array of planning, governance, and environmental concerns including climate change. These themes are the focus of York University's Urban Studies Program.

Please note that the most recent information on the Urban Studies Programme and its degree requirements and options is contained in the downloadable mini-calendar.

Urban Studies Montréal Field Trip, October 2018.  See photo.

Urban Planning students visit 307 (SidewalkLabs), October 2018.  See photo.

Urban Studies SOSC 3700  trip to Buffalo, November 2016.  See photo.