Career Paths

The real-life stories of Urban Studies Program graduates include those of many students who have used the program as a basis to pursue a career in the urban field. Various program alumni now work as urban planners, policy advisors, government and corporate administrators, researchers and research consultants, educators, real estate professionals, social workers, lawyers and in other professions for which their undergraduate studies served as a springboard.

Pursuing careers in fields of these kinds usually requires graduate studies beyond a BA. For example, many program alumni have enrolled in master’s programs in urban planning at schools that have included York University, Queen’s University, the University of Waterloo, the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia, and have gone on to careers in planning or a related field in the public or private sector. Others have found careers through graduate programs in environmental studies, public administration and law. Still others have completed master’s degrees in such academic fields as geography, sociology or political science, and fashioned careers on this foundation.

The Urban Studies Program is committed to offering a well-rounded undergraduate education in the liberal arts but also an education that may provide a solid path into the real world of modern urban life. Students who excel in their studies in the Urban Studies Program and are inclined toward a career in the urban field may be confident that the program will help open this opportunity for them.