Advising in all years is now compulsory.

In Year One and Year Four advising with a faculty member in the program is compulsory. Students will be told of the advising periods and expected to make an appointment. Students must engage in advising in Year One to discuss their interests and to be directed towards the pathway that would most suit those interests. At the start of Year Three or Four, at the end of their degree, advising takes place to ensure that students are on the path to graduation and to discuss what they will do post-degree.

In Years Two and Three students advising with an Advisor in the Department of Social Sciences is compulsory. Again students will be told of the Advising Days in which appointments can be made. Advising procedures will be advertised in class as well as through class list serves.

If students have specific questions about courses or paths, then they can also meet with the program coordinator. Students may also email to arrange an appointment.