Federation of Urban Studies Students (FUSS)

In many years, students in the Urban Studies Program have activated the Federation of Urban Studies Students (FUSS), an association founded to represent student interests in the program. FUSS's work in past has included bringing guest speakers to York, making a video, arranging urban-studies field trips and organizing information sessions about possibilities for urban careers or for graduate studies. Support from the Urban Studies Program is available for FUSS activities or for any other program-related events that students may want to sponsor. Students interested in exploring these possibilities should consult the program coordinator.



FUSS also has space in the City Institute on the 7th floor of the Kaneff Tower. You can contact them at

FUSS Executive team (2016-17) at the Urban Studies End of the Year Party.
(Left to right:  Jc Elijah Madayag Bawuah-- Honorary Executive member, Bryan Mark-- Vice President, Amber Ghosh-- President, Justin Mott -- Honorary Executive members, and François Hémon-Morneau -- Promotional Representative.