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KEALL, Peggy

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PEAKE, Linda

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Departmental Affiliation: Social Science

My research interests focus on issues of feminist geographies of gender, race and sexuality, particularly as they pertain to the global south, and specifically Guyana. In addition to my work in Guyana I also have long standing interests in urban based research on women in cities; on whiteness and on developing anti-racist practices in Geography; and feminist methodologies, particularly in terms of the work these do in transnational feminist praxis.

YOUNG, Douglas

Douglas YoungProfile: laps profile page 
(Associate Professor)
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Departmental Affiliation: Social Science

When I was in high school in Hamilton, Ontario I read Peter Hall's "World Cities" and Jane Jacobs' "The Death and Life of Great American Cities." I think from that point on 'the urban' became a leitmotif in my life. I hold a Bachelor of Architecture (University of Toronto), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Planning Studies (Architectural Association, London England) and a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies (York University). I have worked at different times in my life as an architect, an urban planner and a developer of non-profit housing co-operatives. My current research focuses on how people live in the 21st century with the legacies of 20th century modernist and socialist urbanisms. I have conducted research on that topic in Berlin, Hanoi and Stockholm. Other areas of research interest include the in-between city of post-suburbia, and very generally urban planning and development. I am at the present time a co-investigator on a project investigating climate change, urban resilience, poverty and vulnerability in southeast Asia. I find that the most personally rewarding research projects are ones in which I actively engage with and support community-based and directed initiatives.